The Environment

7 Nov 2019

Really Useful Products - Manufacturers Eco Statement

Minimising our carbon footprint

As a company, we are committed to minimising our carbon footprint. Our transport fleet runs on clean diesel and our machinery is equipped with the latest energy-saving devices.

Recycling our own plastic waste

Box made from recycled plastic materials

We recycle all of our own plastic waste. We take the reject product and turn it back into granules which we then use to make either box handles or black plastic boxes.

Our boxes are made from polypropylene, the most commonly used recyclable plastic, and can be recycled in council recycling bins and centres.

Recycling other people's plastic waste

We can supplement our own recycled material with other people's commercially available plastic waste material. We take great care to determine the parentage of our externally sourced material to ensure that the material is suitable for our requirements.

What's Greener? Plastic or Cardboard storage boxes?

7 Nov 2019
Interesting article comparing the Eco friendliness of cardboard boxes and durable plastic boxes. 
Which is better for the environment? 


Our conclusion is to buy quality, buy once, use often and recycle. 

23 Aug 2018
New Stackable Open Crates New storage crates. Ideal for the stock room, workshop or garage. These picking bins provide the perfect organisational systems for all your items and products.
23 Aug 2018
New Nest and Stack Range Introducing the new Really Useful Nest and Stack range. Thesleek design allows boxes to nest in side each other when not in use or forconvenient transportation. This new range is compatible with the existingReally Useful Box range, allowing them to stack neatly and efficiently.The clear strucuture allows you to view all your items with ease, no need to open each box at a time.

More Shelving Combos coming soon!

9 Apr 2014
More Shelving Combos coming soon!

Following the success of our initial Really Useful Saver Shelving Pack, ReallyUsefulStorageBoxes.co.uk has devised some more storage combo's for you convenience.
We have large range of sizes of Really Useful Boxes and Shelving combos soon to follow!
Please email for initial enquiries.