84 Litre Really Useful Box

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84 Litre Really Useful BoxRUB84 - 84 Litre Really Useful Boxes                                     
Clear 84 litre storage box with secure lid:
710mm Long x 440mm Wide x 380mm High : External
610mm x 370mm x 355mm Internal
Stacking storage bin complete with lid & locking handles
can be stacked with or without lid

Suggested uses include:
Clothes, Blankets, Overalls, Dust sheets and Toys.        
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
They are what they say, Really Useful Sorage Boxes. They are well made and robust.
The clip up locking handles are a good feature, making the boxes easy to open and close, no more struggling trying to get the lid off. They also stack very well and keep steady, even when several are placed
on top of each other. The name is absolutely right, Really Useful Storage Boxes.
Graham P.
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Great product. I've used these boxes for several years. A size for every job, strong and secure.
Marc S.
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Good size for large items.
David S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Best boxes on the market.
David B.